Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rothwell Attenuators

These are really useful devices!

Most line level components (CD, Tape, Tuner etc) have rather too much gain (particularly CD) which results in an amplifiers full volume point being reached around halfway on the volume control. This gives the impression of lots of power but can make it all too easy to damage speakers. More importantly though volume controls are actually quite inaccurate and degrade the sound more when they are at lower levels.

Rothwell attuators go between your CD Player (or Tape / tuner) output and your amplifier. Simply unplug your connecting leads from the units 'line out' and then connect the Rothwells ... reconnect your leads to the back of the Rothwell and hear the difference.
Sound quality at low volumes will be more punchy and dynamic and channel 'drift' ( one channel louder than the other ) should be eliminated

This does not limit the full volume potential of your amplifier, it mearly moves the point at which it acheives this further up the dial.

With a record Player or a Radio 3 live broadcast outputs are much lower so the amplifier needs more volume sweep ... but this has always been at the expense of reduced sound quality for other components

Rothwell Attenuators are available in RCA and XLR versions .... 30 day trail available

Link to Rothwell Attenuators

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Stax SRM 323s trade in

We will be getting in a secondhand Stax SRN323s (the latest type) shortly. Only 6 months old.

If you are interested send an email