Saturday, 23 January 2016

Naim Audio Hi-Line for sale

We have just put a Naim Hi-Line interconnect onto EBay

See the listing here 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Stax SR-L700 customer review

The overwhelming level of interest in the new Stax models took, even us, quite by surprise. We ordered probably twice the number we thought we needed ... but before they arrived, every one had sold ... not only that but the entire UK allocation from Stax had gone too.

Stax SR-L700

We are expecting another batch soon, but here is an evaluation from a good customer (a bit of a Stax collector) against his pair of Stax SR507

" Hi,Philip:
   I am well impressed by the L700's! Even against the 507's,the clarity,delicacy,and bass response are outstanding and make one wonder about the sound of the 009's. Lottery win notwithstanding, even at their present price, the 700's are something of a bargain,IMHO,                                                                                                                                                           John"
We could tell that the new range were going to be something special, we even got a phone call from Nigel whose company Symmetry have been the UK importer of Stax for as long as we can remember, saying : 
"The new 700s are the best Lambda by a huge margin, astonishingly good"

On the Jig today - Elite (Townshend) Rock and Excaliber

We've got a bit of a classic on the Jig at the moment, also one of our all time favourite record players too. This particular Rock came in to be recommissioned after a long period of storage. Even though it's easily 35 years old, all the parts and service items are still available.

The Rock was very innovative in it's day, most of it's competition were complex sprung designs which relied on isolating the record and stylus from medium to high frequency vibration. The Rock on the other hand addressed the issue of low frequency vibration by use of heavy inert materials and clever damping. The 'Trough' that can be seen in the picture was filled with silicone fluid and very effectively controlled resonance from the cartridge which normally would travel down the tonearm and reflect back, causing noise.

The sound of all the versions of the 'Rock' is extremely solid and stable (as the name suggests) the bass quality is quite uncanny and would be quite unattainable on any of the sprung subchassis alternatives.

We can supply Townshend Rock parts and accessories, give us a call if you are interested. They will be added to the website shortly

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