Saturday, 30 December 2017

New Demonstration room open

We have now finished our second (small) demonstration room.  We needed a more compact space to recreate a small lounge / bedroom set up.

The large panels on the walls are too break up sound reflections,  normally not needed, but this room has very little furniture in it .

The small picture frames are 'Art Vinyl'  a neat way to display your LPs - these cost £99 for a pack of three

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

New Rega Brochure!

I'm trying to remember if Rega, in the 34 years that I have been selling them, have ever produced a brochure.  It's quite a Rega-esque move, just as most companies are pulling out of printed literature, to produce a glossy and expensive looking full range brochure ...

If you would like one, drop us an email with your address and we will send you one out

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Stax SRM T8000 Energiser - review

When you have been in the Audio industry for a long time, you start to get a certain amount of intuition when it comes to new products. You can make a fairly accurate judgement, taking into account price, company ethos, previous models, before you even listen.  Every now and again though a product will come along that takes you totally by surprise ... it doesn't happen often, I can only think of a handful of occasions over the last 30+ years. The AR EB101 turntable in the 80s, the Krell KSA80 power amp also in the 80s...more recently the Tom Evans Groove Phonostage and the reworked Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge.. Each of these was a 'hang on.... do that again' moment, products that had you diving into you record collection.  Now we have a new member of the club. The new Energiser from Stax, the SRM T8000 is so far and away better than the previous 'Top of the Line' the SRM007iiKIMIK that at first I didn't actually believe what I was hearing.

Ok, at £4395 this has got to be very good, but even with that in mind this is still an astonishing product.
I've never heard this sort of level of detail and delicacy ever before. Even on a favourite CD of mine. one I picked up at a concert by the support band, Jake Cogan and the Liberty Roses, not an amazing recording, but well written and played. I heard so many new things, texture in the strings, extra layers in harmonies, the acoustic of the studio ... totally enthralling. With other material it became apparent that the 8000 was supplying quite a bit more body to the sound, fuller, but also faster, not an easy trick. There has always been a assumption that as Stax are Electostatic Headphones that they only really suit Classical or simple Folk music, the 8000 certainly puts that to rest, it will happily Rock, and does so effortlessly.

If you would like to hear the T8000, give us a call on 01270 580734

To see the range .. click here

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Monitor Audio, the new Silver series

We have finally had our stock of the new Monitor Audio Silver series .... On demonstration we have the Silver 50 standmounts and the 200 and 300 Floorstanders.  Even after just a couple of days playing background music in the shop you can tell that these are going to be something special.

 The above picture shows the 200 and 300  .... and also just in, a pair of Ophidian Minimos in Natural Oak, that also needed a bit of running ready for the demonstration room.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Nottingham Analogue Turntables with SME and Kiseki

Listening to this at a customers house last night .... the sort of sound you can't drag yourself away from

Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace / SME IV / Kiseki Purple Heart

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Michell Orbe for sale

We have just taken in a Michell Orbe SE with QC (Never Connected) power supply. Very good condition and comes with an SME armboard. We can supply alternative armboards if needed.

Price £1650

Call us on 01270 580734 for more information

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New products!

Now that we have more space, we have been expanding our range to include more electronics and speakers ... We are now agents for Sugden, Kudos, Monitor Audio, Ophidian, and Unison Research

The new showroom should be complete just after the Easter break .... so give us a call

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Cheshire Audio have moved

We've been a bit quiet on the Blog recently, this is due to us moving to a new shop in Crewe. It's been a frustratingly slow process getting the building ready, but we are nearly there.

We now have a good sized showroom, a workshop and two really good demonstration rooms.

Also, as we have a lot more space now, we are introducing lots of new brands. We have added Monitor Audio, Ophidian, and Kudos speakers to the range and are looking at increasing our Amplifier and Record Player range..... we may also be stocking records if we don't run out of space