Thursday, 29 August 2013

More Van Den Hul for demonstration

We've just had another batch of Van Den Hul interconnects for demonstration .... dont be shy, give us a call if you want to try out one of these wonderful cables!

Van Den Hul interconnects
A great selection from this renowned manufacturer .. from the well reviewed The Wave to the quite incredible The Rock.

Call Philip on 01270 580734 if you want to try one out

Link to Van Den Hul interconnect page

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Stax SR009 - more in stock!

We're back now after the summer break .... OK we didn't actually go anywhere as such, but generally the summer is not the time that Hifi folks think about buying and talking about equipment so things go very quiet ... hence the gap in blogging

First stock in for the new season :- two pairs of SR009 .. a very rare thing as the total UK allocation for all Stax dealers is four pairs a month!

Stax SR009
We also have quite a few bits of secondhand Stax that we need to sort out and advertise ... these will be shown on here first.

To find see more Stax headphones and perhaps buy a set of SR009 ... click here

Or if you want to trade in your headphones against a pair ring Philip on 01270 580734

or email