Saturday, 22 February 2014

Naim Audio Hi-Line - for sale secondhand

Just put onto Ebay

Secondhand Naim Hi-Line (Din to Din)

New price £650

We will be writing up the demonstration that led to this remarkable lead being part exchanged at a later date

Bid for it here : Link to Ebay

Or call us on 01270 580734

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Audio Technica AT33EV MC cartridge for sale

For sale

Audio Technica AT33EV cartridge. 12 months old and very little use

£569 new and we want £399 for it.

Alternatively you can bid for it on Ebay at Ebay Link

Ring Philip for more information on 01270 580734

Friday, 14 February 2014

Rega turntable spares

We are getting a lot of requests for Rega spares ... just to make this easier for everybody we've created a spares page ... this will be tweeked as time goes on. We need to take photos etc.

Speaker spares are also available .. and we will list these soon.

If you need something that isn't on the list .. give us a call on 01270 580734 .. we should be able to help.

Link to Rega spares

Saturday, 8 February 2014

On the Jig today - 1960s Bush portable Record Player

This could be interesting .. .been given this Bush portable record playing system to repair

It's amazing how many of these beautiful little set ups are still around. Most people of my age started their record collections on similar devices, I was lucky enough to inherit my sisters

This Bush system (with transistors! :-) ) incorporates a Garrard record player mechanism .. a very common unit, and similar to the BSR. This system has the standard 'sticky' automatic mechanism which is fairly easy to fix, once you have worked out which of the multiple levers and cams is actually causing the problem.

So might be a big job ...

I'll post the outcome ... when there is one

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Linn Sondek LP12 / Ittok in for service

I keep forgetting to post these ... which is a shame, as they create a lot of interest

On the Jig today ... (or rather yesterday, as it is now finished and tested and ready for redelivery back to it's owner) One Linn Sondek LP12 / Ittok / Goldring.

Just in for a once over and service ... This 'Black Ash' mid eighties deck is in pretty good condition for the year .. the Black Ash versions tend to age very badly,  as the black stain wears off, to show bare white ash underneath. This deck though has only had a single owner and seems to have had a pretty easy life.

With a service like this the main thing is to retighten everything which has slackened off over the last 30 years (this deck has never been serviced before) So a complete strip down and clean to start ... some of the parts were extremely loose, the arm rest lock nut was four turns clear of its biting point .. .and all the tonearm bolts had a full turn spare. Very little actual wear was apparent .. the main bearing had the standard wear dimple, but nothing too drastic. Arm bearings were spot on, with no sticking (which is unusual)  .... The Valhalla board though is on its way out, with visible bulging to the main caps - perhaps 12 months of useable life in it, at which time we'll recommend fitting either a Hercules board or a Heed Orbit.

Whoever had originally set this deck up had done it in a bit of an odd way ... not anything that would effect the sound ... just things that an obsessive like myself needed to put right .. The arm cable was dressed awkwardly and the retaining clip had been fitted upside down .. they had also used earlier compression nuts on everything, rather than the Nylocks, which would have been standard on a deck of this age.

So after cleaning up the mains plug and fuse and leaving the cartridge sitting my trusty AT637 for a couple of minutes to clean it up .... time to give it a listen

These early LP12s always make me smile, a lovely warm punchy sound that seems to manage to pull the rhythm and soul out of even quite ropey recordings (of which I have many) I was quite surpirised how well the Goldring coped ... As the owner admitted, it is getting on a bit ... but it managed to play the, slightly overblown, kick drum and bass guitar rhythm on Richard Thompsons ' I misunderstood ' without cracking up  .. .it did show a slight tendency towards 'end of side break up', which may be a sigh of its suspension starting to age .. but generally, it sounded great ... so much so actually, that I listened to far more 'test' tracks than I intended too :-)

If you need you Sondek / Rega / Roksan/ Pink Triangle / Gyrodek servicing - give me a call on 01270 580734 (Philip)

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Atacama Equinox hifi table

We've just updated our Atacama Equinox hifi stand page

See it here Atacama Equinox