Thursday, 30 January 2014

Ortofon Quintet - Excellent new range of MC cartridges

If anybody thought that Vinyl was a dead format ... or that analogue design was still frozen in the 1980s, they need look at the incredible activity in the cartridge market. New designs from all the major manufacturers are common and this regular updating and improving has been fairly constant even since the introduction of CD. The most prevalent brand over the years has been Ortofon, new ranges seem to come along pretty much every year (or it seems like it) and they are always a good step up over the models they replace. The most recent being the new Ortofon Quintet range. These new MC cartridges cover the £200 - £650 price range, replacing the Vivo MC models and I suspect also replacing the Rondo range (though these are still listed on the pricelist at the moment)

The new range consists of five models and brings the naming system into line with the rest of the range ... so the models are, in order of price : Red, Blue, Bronze and Black .... and though it may seem strange to some, they also include a Mono version. There has been a big resurgence in interest in older mono recordings .. and the true enthusiast will opt for a Mono cartridge to avoid compromise .. Ortofon now offer a few Mono options .. as do a some other high end manufacturers such as Lyra.

See the range at : Ortofon Range

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Nordost Heimdall 2 - review

Another excellent Nordost review - this time for the Heimdall 2 series of cables. The review confirms what we experienced quite closely ... Heimdall 2 is such a big leap over the original Heimdall that it pretty much equals the much more expensive Nordost TYR ( which has now also been upgraded to '2' spec)

To read the Hifi+ review of the Heimdall 2 speaker cable, interconnect and mains cable - follow this link

Hifi + review

Or to buy

Cheshire Audio - Nordost pages

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Atacama Eris ECO 5 - Modular hifi rack

We have now updated our listing for the Atacama Eris - excellent value Bamboo shelved modular Hifi table

Atacam Eris ECO 5 modular
Available with three different bamboo finishes and three different frame colours, Including Satin Black, Diamond White and Metallic Silver

For more information go to :

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Atacama Elara Hifi Rack - Bamboo for the masses!

Gone are the days of the square section steel Hifi stand. New materials and the demand for something which looks stylish, rather than resembling an oil rig, have resulted in a huge and diverse range of options.

The Atacama Elara is an excellent value fixed height stand (with adjustable internal shelves)

The Elara uses the new wonder product Bamboo ...(well not new at all actually .. but certainly a recent discovery in Hifi circles)

Bamboo is extremely inert material with is extremely effective at absorbing and controlling vibration ... which results in a more dynamic and realistic sound from your system.

Atacama Elara

See the Elara here :

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nordost Purple Flare - Product of the Year - Absolute Sound Magazine

One of our favourite mid range speaker cables has won Absolute Sound magazines 'Product of the Year'

Purple Flare is a flat section multi core cable. A configuration which has served Nordost well - easy to hide under carpet and hence sometimes the only choice when a high end performance is required in a shared space such as a living room

Congratulations to Nordost on this well deserved award

To try out a set at home (or the matching interconnect) give us a call on 01270 580734

See the range here

Atlas Digital cables

We've just been updating our Digital cables section ... more to come

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