Thursday, 26 February 2015

REL 212SE Subwoofer

A new model from REL

Not much information yet, but watch this space

The 212SE heads the S series and we can't wait to hear it

REL Pricelist


Friday, 13 February 2015

Rega RP6 / Rega Exact and Trichord Dino install

Another very satisfying install yesterday, customer upgrading from a Project Carbon / 2M with a Project Phonobox USB to Rega RP6 / Exact and the recently vastly reworked Trichord Dino Mk3. All connected up to his active AVI speakers which were on Kudos speaker stands (filled with the obligatory cat litter)

This install emphasises the degree that running in and warming up of components can effect the sound. Initially the sound was quite blurred and the top end almost entirely absent. It took us by surprise a bit, even to the extent that we rechecked some of the settings on the Dino .. but all was correct. Halfway through the second track things started to snap into focus, the slightly lumpy bass started to even out allowing the vocals to clear up. We then removed some of the customers isolation from under the Rega (which had worked under the Project) this cleared things up even more and brought more of a sparkle to the treble. By the end of the afternoon the whole set up was sounding amazing.... but still improving!. The AVI speakers are very revealing, so exaggerated the effect, but this is no bad thing, it means they will never stand in the way when things are improved further at the front end.

We've found that generally, the better the equipment, the more time it needs to run in

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Updated Ortofon Prices

We've just updated our Ortofon price list ... .added some new models and removed some now deleted ones

Ortofon's range has always been up there with the best, but sometimes seems to get a little overlooked as more obscure exotic sounding brands come and go

But actually Ortofon, though perceived as 'main stream by a lot of people, have always been great innovators and never been afraid to be radical. Many large jumps forward in the use of materials etc came from this clever Danish brand.

See the range here : Ortofon

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

...and another Chord Chorus 2 for sale

We have yet another Chord Chorus 2 for sale ... this time a half metre one

Link to Ebay listing

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

On the Jig today - Systemdek IIX 900 / Rega RB250 / Ortofon 510

Lovely Systemdek in for service today

Came in for a service and investigation of a noisy motor

Systemdek had quite a diverse range of record players over the years, from quite high end players down to the 'biscuit tin' circular bodied players like the Systemdek II. The round models never really sold a lot, which was a shame as they actually sounded really good ... especially the uprated IIS which had performance way above its price level. The big sellers were the IIX and the IIX 900 as above .. stylish good looks, the ability to take a range of arms and three point suspension (like a Linn Sondek) gave it high perceived value.

After finishing off the service we had a bit of a listening session  ... apart from a slightly tired sounding Ortofon (which the customer wants to run a little longer), the XII was remarkably punchy and open, not quite in the league of a new Rega RP3 whose earlier incarnation would have been a direct competitor, but considering it's age, very impressive. I could have happily sat all afternoon playing albums .. and nearly did

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