Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stax SR404 Signature Headphones secondhand

Just taken in an immaculate pair of Stax SR404 Signatures - quite a sought after model

For sale now on Ebay


So bid away!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Lyra Dorian .... last chance to buy!

The Lyra Dorian was officially finished as a model a couple of years ago ... but Lyras UK importer managed to buy the rights to 50 or so more cartridges that would be produced solely for the UK market

We have stock of the very last of these cartridges ... parts have now run out and there are only 5 left!

The Lyra Dorian - £649

So, as the cheapest Lyra available after these have gone will be the £1000 Delos, this may be your last chance to own a Lyra at such an affordable price.

See the range here


Or ring us on 01270 580734

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lyra Atlas - Worlds first asymmetric MC cartridge

Lyra have a new flagship model

The new Atlas has been designed to have an asymmetric structure, having different shaped components on the left and right sides suppresses the tendency for standing waves to develop. The resulting lower resonance leads to a cleaner more precise sound due to a lower noise floor ... all good news

As with the previous top model the Titan i, the Atlas uses a titanium body that is carved from a solid billet ... through obsessive attention to detail, avoidance of parallel surfaces and keeping dimensions unique and not multiples of others, makes the body supremely inert.

All this obsession comes at a price of £7495 ... but as you would expect from Lyra, it's worth every penny

See the range here