Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tom Evans phonostages upgraded to Mk2 spec

Had a chat with Tom Evans a couple of days ago....which is never a brief call. Toms passion and pure almost childlike excitement when talking about his products is wonderful to hear, you imagine him jumping from one foot to the other still holding a soldering iron.... and I'd say he's a rare breed nowadays ... years ago there were countless small companies where ultimate sound quality was the goal... and if there was a bit of profit there too, then even better. Mostly the only companies that survived after the golden years of the eighties have become very corporate and have had to focus on profit to survive.

Back to the phone call ... The entire range of phonostages have now been upgraded to Mk2 specification, this upgrade will be available as a retro fit .. .price around 300-400 pounds depending on model

Is it better?? here is a clip of conversation from a follow up email from Tom

"the jump to Mk 2 is a total transformation, distortion alone is 10 x less, enabling me extend the bandwidth to an incredible  0.15 Hz - 119 Khz  -3 db. "

So... yes, a lot better

Click here to see current range : Link to Tom Evans page

Or ring on 01270 580734 to discuss upgrading your existing unit

Wednesday, 18 June 2014