Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Atlas Element Integra interconnect - What Hifi Awards

We have just had conformation that the Atlas Element Integra interconnect has again won 'Best analogue interconnect' in the What Hifi Awards
For a hand crafted product like the Element to win in 2012 against mass produced competition at this price was quite a feat ... but to win again in this years 2013 awards just proves how far ahead Atlas are in this market. Not only do they produce (in my opinion) the best available interconnect and speaker cable combination in the Asimi ... but they are also head and shoulders above the competition at the more affordable end of the range.

If you would like to try out any of the excellent Atlas range of interconnects.... or speaker cables .. give us a call on 01270 580734

see the Element here :- http://www.cheshireaudio.co.uk/acatalog/Atlas.html

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Atlas Cables

Just had a nice big delivery of Atlas interconnects ... and an Asimi loom for a very lucky customer

.... Give us a call if you want to try some out

Atlas are becoming the new dominant force at the mid to high end of the market .... but they still take the budget end seriously too ... the Element Interconnects keep winning award after award!


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Vienna Strauss with Sonority stands

We have a pair of Vienna Strauss on Ebay at the moment

Have a look, they may sell quite cheaply as big speakers are quite a difficult sell secondhand -

The Strausses are a bit of a hidden gem really, glorious big sound with realistic dynamics and extremely natural treble

One of my all time favourites!

See them here:

Link to Viennas on Ebay

Or ring me for details on 01270 580734

We are back!!!

After a couple of weeks of serious server issues we are now back!

Our original hosting company upgraded their servers and for some reason they didn't work properly with our site ... we have now been transferred to a new server, tested and retested and everything is working 100% .. Which is a relief

Many thanks to Teclan for sorting everything ... we only had about 12 hours down time in the end while the site repropagated itself onto the web

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Server issues

Apologies if you are trying to buy from us via the Website and are getting error messages. The company who host our site have upgraded their servers and a few compatability issues need to be sorted out .... hopefully soon

You can still buy from us over the phone - 01270 580734