Tuesday, 11 November 2014

REL subwoofers

We are now agents for REL

REL have always been the Subwoofer market leaders, they have a wonderful range of midrange and budget models ... but also the formidable Gibralter models which are certainly the best we have heard

REL Gibralter G2
Most speaker manufactures product Subwoofers which match (visually) the rest of their range .. but mostly these are quite poor 'token' models with bought in amplifier units. Adding a REL is like opening a door to a new world

It's not just the extra octaves of bass available which makes a REL so appealing,  a good Sub will actually improve the soundstage and clarity of a system, right up into the treble. This is due to way instuments produce sound .. even a flute will produce harmonics right across the audio band, so retaining this makes the instument sound more realistic.

To see the range, Click here