Thursday, 30 May 2013

Vandenhul Speaker cables

We are in the process of updating out Vandenhul speaker cable page

See the range here :

Link to Vandenhul Speaker cables

Van Den Hul Mainsserver and Mainstream Mains Leads

It's easy to forget about products when they fall out of the public eye. Vandenhul have had a few changes of importer over the past few years and have not really been promoted very well. They now have a new UK team in the shape of Flamingo Audio who promise great things for the brand.

Just as a little reminder ....

One of our best selling Mains leads a few years back was the VDH Mainserver and their higher end Mainstream. These were popular partly due to some big awards in the Audio press, but more importantly through our own tests and customer demos.

Both models are still available ... but now with more length options. In our opinion they are still the one of the ones to beat under £400.

Superb sounding cables that, due to some clever technology are very resistant to degradation due to bending.

Link to Vandenhul mains leads

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Trichord Dino Phonostage

We have had much success with the Trichord Dino over the years. Excellent value and very upgradeable and adjustable.

The Dino can be taken from it's basic £350 form, up to a giant killing £899 twin box by adding the Dino + power supply. This is available in various forms including the renowned GEN2 Never Connected version

See the range here:

Trichord link

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Atlas speaker cables

One of our favourite ranges of speaker cables

Almost unique in that they work extremely well with Naim amplifiers, which are renowned for not performing with anything other than Naims own NAC A5

The range performs consistantly above its price point, giving an open, musical sound ... its stability and compatability make it the perfect choice from quite basic systems through to Ultra High End.

See range here

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Stax SR007 Omega Headphones secondhand

For sale

Stax SR007 Omega MK2 Headphones

These are a couple of months old and were traded in against a set of SR009

Stax SR007 MK2
Price £1500 - or see them on Ebay and put in a bid

Ebay link

Ring us on 01270 580734 for more information

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Leema Elements Phonostage

We are now agents for the Leema Elements range

The first on is the wonderful little Elements Phonostage .... The small size of this unit hides some quite advanced circuitry taken from some of Leemas high end products. The result is a multi award winning unit which is gaining many friends.

Leema Elements Phonostage
Internally switchable for MM or MC and available in black or silver - price £495

Link to Leema page

Stax Headphones - SR009 now listed

We have now updated or Stax headphone page to include the Stax SR009 headset

Link to Stax Headphones

or for our general Stax page