Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Stax SR507 and SRM600Ltd combination

We are expecting a set of Stax SR507 and a SRM600 Limited Edition Energiser in secondhand in the next few days .... these are only 3 or 4 months old and in 'as new' condition

If you are interested please email

The SR507s are a fairly new model and unheard of secondhand ... the SRM600 is a limited edition unit and much sought after - all the new ones have gone now! so this is the only way to get one!


Project Phono Stages

Just updated the Project Phonostage page.

Added in the new(ish) budget unit called the Project MM. As the name suggests, this is purely a MM design and aimed at lower end systems where vinyl is perhaps second source and the amplifier doesn't have a Phono input...very capable all the same.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nordost Sort Kones

New out and roughly a development of the Quasar cone, these new isolators of quite interesting. Ranging in price from around 160 Pounds for a set of three up to nearly 1000 they are obviously not 'just cones' or 'Kones'

The principle is to contain and control internal resonances from transformers and components within the equipment .. not as with most other designs, external vibration.

The results are quite spectaculer, particularly on the Brass and Titanium versions .... many of you who have experienced the old Nordost Pulsar points will already know, the material used can make a huge difference.

See the range here : Cheshire Audio - Nordost Sort Kones

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New Nordost speaker cables

I've just updated the Nordost pages with 'Mk 2 ' versions of Heimdall, Frey and Tyr.... these feature in the interconnect range etc. but the most radical differences to be seen are with the new versions of the speaker cables. Now single wire only (bi-wiring seems to have dissappeared somewhat now) the new range look like a big step forward if the new versions of Red Dawn and Blue Heaven are anything to go by.