Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rega RP1

We now have Rega RP1 turntables and Rega accessories

See the RP1 here:- Rega turntables

and cartridges here :- Rega cartridges

More will be added later... we should have stock of the new EAR headphone amp and FONO phonostage soon

We can also service or repair any Rega turntable - ring for advice 01270 580734

Atlas cables

Just added the Atlas range of RCA interconnects to the site

Find them at :


We will be adding the rest of the range over the next few days ...and adding a lot more info to the RCA page too

Any questions, give us a ring at 01270 580734 or email mail@cheshireaudio.co.uk

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Naim 555PS secondhand

Coming into stock shortly we have a secondhand,but very recent, Naim 555PS Power supply for Naim 555 CD player ... this can also be used with the CDS3 or CDX2 as an upgrade. Also compatible is the new NDS the DAC and the HDX

The 555PS is essentially a much higher spec XPS power supply. The jump in performance adding this to any appropriate Naim product is quite remarkable, even over the XPS.

We will trade in any XPS or other Naim product, so give us a call if you are interested

Telephone 01270 580734

or email mail@cheshireaudio.co.uk

Pictures to follow

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Atlas cables ...coming soon!

We are now agents for Atlas cables ... we have been following this range for a few years.

Atlas use a very straightforward and logical approach to cable design and the result is a superbly neutral and highly compatible portfolio of products

The first time we heard Atlas was a number of years ago in a demonstation using a Naim system ... which was an interesting choice as Naim tends to be very difficult to improve with cables as its loading requirement is only satisfied correctly with Naims own NACA5. Naim cable is ok, but can be a bit ruthless sounding for some people... with Atlas Hyper the results were so much more refined .. but also more dynamic and musical which is normally where non-Naim cables trip up.

We will be stocking a number of cable for home loan ... so if you want to give them a try... give us a ring