Friday, 14 September 2012

Sound Smith Cartridges

We have now completed the listing for the Soundsmith Cartridges ....

See them here

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Could this be the best Hifi system in Cheshire?

A good Hifi system is not necessarily about having the most expensive components, though, saying that, this is by no means a cheap set up. We've taken a lot of care over a period of time to match each individual item and tailored cables and isolation to suit. Isolation alone here has cost as much as a small family car...but the improvements at each stage have been quite remarkable.

The System comprises

Turntable : Michell Orbe / SME iv / Lyra Skala
Pre Amp : Tom Evans Vibe and Vibe Pulse power supply
CD player : Naim CDS3 / NAP555
Phonostage : Tom Evans Groove Plus phono stage
Power Amps : Trichord D300 monoblocks
Main distribution : Nordost Thor
Interconnects : Nordost Valhalla / Nordost TYR
Speaker cable : Nordost Valhalla
Isolation : Sonority Platform / Sonority Roller Platforms and Sonority Roller Platform Ultra
Rack : Upgraded Target modular with mass loading and Sonority laminate shelves
Speakers : Sonus Faber Elipsa

The system has been designed around the constraints of the room ... this is not a dedicated listening room so compromises needed to be made

The end result is a set up which has a natural musicality and presence rare in a system even at this price... this is not a one disc 'statement' system that falls apart with any music outside a specific genre .. it will play anything, and play it in a way which thoroughly enchants every time.

If you think your set up could be better ... call us, we'd love to hear it!

The Sonority platforms, which are a lot of the reason for the extra ordinary performance of this set up are available for home loan

More customer systems to follow soon