Thursday, 25 September 2014

Audion Sterling Plus amplifier for sale

We have an Audio Sterling Plus -  Valve amplifier for sale on Ebay

Here is the link :

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Rega RP6 for sale

We have a Rega RP6 listed on Ebay

Here is the link :-

Any enquiries call us on 01270 580734

Tom Evans upgrades Vibe Phoenix and Groove Mk2

Here is a 'copy and paste' of a customers review after having his Tom Evans Vibe upgraded to Phoenix spec and Groove phonostage to Mk2

"Tom is probably the least well known, most underrated manufacturer of high-end hi-fi in the world. This is strange because every review I've ever read about his kit says the same thing - it's amongst the best in the world and generally about half the price of equivalent kit. I've got a Vibe and a Groove. They don't look flash, they just sit quietly, in black with a small blue LED to let me know they're working. And they do work, beautifully. Always, with everything. Without a doubt they are the beating heart of my system. Both have been upgraded by Tom, whenever upgrades are available. Relative to getting a similar improvement in sound from something else, the upgrades are cheap as chips. I was talking to Tom about the latest upgrades that I've just had done to the Groove and the Vibe asking when the Groove upgrade would be fully run in. Of course, Tom asked me what I thought and I got excited telling him and he got excited explaining why and we both ended up happy. The Vibe clicked in almost straight away bringing an immediate and obvious improvement to CDs - more everything (musicality, detail, soundstage and so on) but ++ for the sheer excitement and involvement of the sound (on CDs!). The Groove - not quite so much so quickly. Certainly better in every respect with it's vinyl, but not quite as open and involving as usual. Then again, after a long session with Phil Dixon of Cheshire Audio last night, the vinyl finally edged ahead for sheer brilliance! Highlights at this point were King Crimson's Epitaph, Brand X's Nuclear Burn and Renaissances's Midas Man. The Groove took them all in it's stride changing the mood to exactly fit the music. Oh, and the Door's LA woman rocked with an undreamt of fervour while Love is a Stranger lifted Annie's voice up to places I didn't even know it had! and there's more to come as the running in completes. Tom Evans - Simply the best. Honestly. Truly fabulous."

Any questions about the wonderful Tom Evans range

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Rega RP10 and Stax Omega

We did an interesting install recently. A headphone only, vinyl based system consisting of a Rega RP10 / Rega Apheta cartridge through Trichord Dino and Dino+  Phonostage,  into a Stax SR007/SRM007 Omega system

The high end Rega turntables have always been amongst the most precise and musical sounding players and the RP10 is quite a noticeable jump up in quality over the previous P9.

Rega RP10 Apheta

The RP10 is quite beautifully engineered, with Rega's usual simple logical solutions to the complex problems involved in turntable design.

The Trichord Dino/Dino+ is an old favourite of ours and gives a lot of flexibility without compromise ... very clear and natural sound and extremely low noise levels.

The Stax of course need no introduction ... the Omegas really excel with a great signal source and created a lovely large open soundstage which was totally refined yet realistically dynamic.

Perhaps on our next call we will have to drop off a pair of Stax SR009 .... but that's another day