Saturday, 8 December 2012

Black Rhodium 4mm plugs

Yet another new product posting from Black Rhodium, they seem to be working flat out at the moment!

Many many years ago Graham from Black Rhodium suggested to me that plating connectors with Rhodium would give impressive results....and after much experimentation with 4mm plugs, Mains plugs and IEC connectors, I had to agree that the process, though expensive, was well worth doing.

Black Rhodiums latest product follows on from there

Their latest 4mm plug uses a similar arrangement to the classic RS plug which has always been favoured by the likes of Naim Audio and Chord Company .... with the addition of a grub screw a good metal to metal contact can be ensured ... you can then solder in behind this to seal the joint but it is not particularly neccessary.

Rhodium plating has the biggest effect on the treble .... much better definition... but generally the sound has more scale

These may seem expensive at £120 for a set of four ... but we think they are great value!

see them here:

Friday, 7 December 2012

Rega Cartridges

Regas range of cartridges are one of our most popular and it's not difficult to see why, every one of them is exceptional value. The £69 Bias2 easily competes with models at around the £100 mark and this price differential holds up right through the range. They are very compatible and will work equally well in just about any arm .... Rega, Linn, SME are all ideal.
Bias2 (red) Elys2 (blue) Exact (yellow) RB78 (black)
The Bias2 has become our 'budget' cartridge of choice. Ok, It's not as budget as say an Audio Technica AT91 or AT95 (£19 and £38) but this is true audiophile product, for not a lot of money. It has a decent profile tip to make the best of your older recordings and has a very clear and dynamic presentation.
The Elys2 has a much better tip profile and this shows in its tracking ability .... the sound has much more body and impact than the Bias.
The Exact is one of the few MM designs which gives MC levels of performance without the cost and necessary MC phonostage ....The Exact is very refined ( like an MC ) but still retains the MM dynamic that it not usually found in MC designs at this price.
The RB78 is quite a rarity ....a 78 only profile to use with the RP78 turntable ( or any 78 only record player) and surprisingly, as there is still quite a following for 78s, sells quite well
We will, in some cases take working cartridges (of any brand) back in part exchange against a Rega... ring for information 01270 580734